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Recent projects

enX consultants are trusted as experts and leaders by government and business clients across Australia's energy sector. Here is some of our recent work…

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Energy innovation knowledge sharing

Since 2018, enX has helped ARENA increase the quality and scope of its engagement within Australia’s energy policy landscape. This includes ensuring ARENA remains aware of the critical market reforms and that the outcomes of ARENA’s vast portfolio of innovation trials and studies are available to key decision-makers in industry. We also work on frontier projects such as V2X.2023 which is about getting Australian industry ready for advanced charging applications.


Renewables auction delivery

enX consultants have been engaged by the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap team to help develop the institutional systems and processes that will underpin its ambitious renewable energy investment targets. This built on our prior experience designing and delivering the ACT's successful 100% renewable energy target and reverse auction program.

Brand Strategy

Commercial and technology strategy for energy businesses

enX provides advisory services to businesses navigating Australia’s energy transition. This includes board-level advice on macro market and policy dynamics, through to detailed product integration strategies to support new energy busineses engage with new technologies and emerging energy service models. We provide the insight to enable confident and successful action. This is work draws on our in-house technology databases and engineering research and design capability.


Multi-stakeholder coordination

Engaged by ARENA, enX co-designed and co-led the development of ARENA’s Distributed Energy Innovation Program which has initiated the AEMC’s access and Pricing Rule Change, led to CSIP-Aus and the Dynamic Operating Envelopes Outcomes Report and Market Innovation workstream.

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National DER policy development

enX advises government in the development of new policy interventions. This includes delivering the Energy Security Board implementation plan for customer energy resource interoperability and EV smart charging. We deliver the formal policy development approach, technical analysis and stakeholder consultation to support the national reform agenda.


Regulatory governance review

enX has undertaked a systematic review of the legal duties of parties involved in ensuring compliance with the new inverter standard (AS/NZS 4777.2:2020) and regilsative frameworks to enable a nationally consistent collection of EVSE standing data. We are working with Australia's energy market bodies to support holistic consideration of Australia's regulatory reform task to ensure effective consumer outcomes.

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