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About enX

enX provides professional consulting services to government and business clients across the energy sector. From strategic advisory services to detailed policy and program design, our focus is always on building a trusted and outcomes-driven relationship.

Our consultants have proven track records of leading ambitious initiatives that have transformed Australia's energy policy landscape, including:

  • Program design and implementation to develop the world’s first, and still one of its largest, virtual power plants

  • Australia's first, and one of the most successful, reverse auction feed-in program for large-scale renewables

  • Policy design and legislation development for energy efficiency retailer obligation schemes

  • Design and co-leadership of ARENA’s Distributed Energy Integration Program


​While our consultants bring decades of experience, as a young company, we take a fresh approach that focusses on delivering exceptional customer value. We bring unique capability and insight in energy innovation, energy policy and energy law.


We aim to show the big end of town what customer value really looks like!


enX will work with you to create a customised plan of action for your organisation and bring you leading insights in the domains of energy technology, energy policy and energy law.

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